Templo de Saule – Online Holistic Therapy

Online Holistic Therapy - Templo de Saule

Templo de Saule (Saule’s Temple) is a virtual temple for healing and self-knowledge. The Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Saule, a very popular Sun Goddess in countries like Latvia and Lithuania, from the Baltic region.

The Holistic Psychotherapist Jesse Guelfi is responsible for the Temple and for its Online Holistic Therapy sessions.

Online Holistic Therapy - Affection and respectAffection and respect
Here at Templo de Saule you receive all the affection and respect you deserve
Online Holistic Therapy - Count on an allyCount on an ally
The Therapyst becomes your ally and listens to everything you have to say
Online Holistic Therapy - Service ExcellenceService Excellence
The sessions are unique and the focus is on what you really need, all the time

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Online Holistic Therapy - Your best choiceYour best choice
Get rid of your problems in a tranquil and healthy way
Online Holistic Therapy - Schedule your sessionsSchedule your Sessions
You can schedule your sessions whenever you’d like to, according to the availability
Online Holistic Therapy - Tranquility and secrecyTranquility and secrecy
The sessions are only between you and your Therapist without interruption.